About The Free Will Kit

We know family

We are here to help families protect their assets and the future of their family and children.

As a father of 3 little girls, I understand the importance of leaving behind a legacy to my children when I die. Which is why I looked everywhere online for a free will, but a good majority had hidden fees and they were very confusing to fill out. Which is why I thought it would be nice if those “free online wills” included guidance to help fill it out and understand the verbiage they used. So that’s when I came up with the The Free Will Kit™ an easy to use site with an easy request form to receive a free will and testament. But then I took it one step further and added a free living will to the kit. So now there should be no excuse, everyone in the United States should have a free will and testament filled out, and now a living will and all of this is free!